About Us

Legacys Designs is a subsidiary of Legacy Design Leaders, LLC. Marsha Johnson, President/CEO  started her business with the desire to help all types of organizations to create the items they needed. With over 35 years experience as a graphic designer, Marsha decided to expand her ability to help more businesses and created Legacy Design Leaders.com.  

Legacys Designs was born in 2020 to showcase the custom designs of the incredible artists from Chicago and around the country.  Her debut featured artist, Laurence "Blinky" Walden, is an incredible, multi-talented gentleman who is a native of Chicago.  Now residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Walden is a self-taught visual artist as well as an accomplished jazz vocalist, playwright and historian. 

He has received worldwide accolades for his innovative art. One of Walden's visual art rendering specialties is creating decorative masks out of fine dining silverware and other precious objects.  He also creates abstract paintings, mixed media colleges, murals and portraits. He also designs and creates wearable art accessories including clutch purses, steampunk hats, t-shirts and jewelry.

Laurence "Blinky" Walden believes that great art is the result of a collaboration between God and the Artist.  "Our Father, who ART in Heaven"!